Collection Artiste: Echoaya - Cartes Postales (Ens. 5)

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  • Collection Artiste:  Echoaya - Cartes Postales (Ens. 5)
  • Collection Artiste:  Echoaya - Cartes Postales (Ens. 5)

These postcards are art prints from a local artist: Echonaya.

Printed on thick cardstock paper with the front side coated offering a smooth and silky touch, and a matte back for writing.
Send these in an envelop for extra protection, or display them on a frame!

Echoaya is a Mexican-Canadian artist.

She came to Canada in 2005 as a Mexican refugee, thus she explores themes of migration, childhood, cultural alienation, introspection, discrimination, feminism and resilience.

Through this exploration she brings to surface the realities of cultural hardship and identity pursuit that many immigrants like her go through.

Set #1:
A set of five 4"x6" postcards of Echonaya's collage and mixed media artwork prints.

- Frapper son mur
- Miel de abeja en la cabeza

Mixed media on resilience and feminism:
- Proie facile
- Japanese sunrises & désir

Mixed media on migration, discrimination and cultural alienation:
- Jazz manouche and surfwave / untitled

Set #2:
A set of five 4"x6" of five postcards of Echonaya's mixed media artwork prints.

On introspection, cultural alienation, interpersonal connections and resilience
- No more disguising the sun ft. Richard Sandler

On childhood and introspection
- Places you will go ft. Henri Bresson
- Your chest holds no reason– the letting go by the callstore

On introspection and resilience
- In the darkness of the deep sea, the sun is there. Or; let’s try to drown the sun

On migration, resilience and modest fulfillment.
- Élie, d’air et de terre

More details on her work:
The mixed media pieces started as an automatic exercise. Listening to some of her favourite tracks, she would draw eyes closed without any specific intention but that of letting her subconscious rise to the surface and take control of her hand.
Among the first pieces, such as Places you will go ft. Henri Bresson and Jazz manouche and surfwave / untitled, we notice a resulting scribbling conveying the untangling of thoughts and emotions.

She credits the tunes guiding her during the creation of the artworks in their respective titles, as well as some street photographers such as Richard Sandler and Henri Bresson, which help her put words to the pursuit of identity through their photographs.

The mixed media process is layered, composed of steps ranging from tapping into her unexpressed core to unravelling the extant emotions through adding colours and paint, and finally integrating images to further explicitly translate the message expanding from within.